The History behind the Modern Vacuum Sealer

Vacuum sealing is ideal for packaging almost any product. Well, why it’s ideal is something dependent upon many factors. Since this method of packaging has the capability to preserve variety of products, it’s the champion of packaging.

Many home users and industries choose this method over others just because it provides long term preservation. There is a wide variety of industrial vacuum sealers in the market and any firm can choose the best suited sealer according to their industrial needs. Well choosing the right sealer is an art. The right vacuum sealer would always make the packaging process fun and easy.

If you want to understand food vacuum sealer and its various packaging techniques, you must learn few things about its history. You might feel surprised by knowing that vacuum sealers are being used in industries since many ages. Yes, during World War II vacuum sealing techniques have been used to package foods. It’s amazing how food products used to be packed for soldiers and families using vacuum sealers. Let’s find out more interesting facts about vacuum sealers in history.

When and Who Invented the Machine?

It was 1940’s era when “vacuum pack” was made to store foods. Initial invention was for home-use and a German inventor named Karl Busch invented them. These sealers used to function like our industrial sealers but were comparatively smaller than our modern vacuum sealers. These sealers first made an entry into the market as industrial sealers in 1963.

Modern sealers have many features to offer and have advanced settings for performance selection. In the earlier vacuum sealers these capabilities were not as much advanced, however the basic physical principles governing the overall vacuum sealing operations have almost remained unchanged. Ancient vacuum sealers used the same principle of modern vacuum sealing to remove the air from the container first and then sealing it for longer shelf life. Let’s have some more details about basic principles of vacuum sealing.

Basic Principles behind Vacuum Sealing

If you have been using vacuum sealers then you must be aware of its basic principle. The removal of oxygen from the container is followed by sealing the package in order to stop growth of aerobic bacteria, fungus and other microorganisms.

These microorganisms are considered responsible for spoilage of food and if their growth rate is controlled then the spoiling process can be slowed down. Vacuum sealing machines always perform this function by using a suction pump (manual or electronic) to vacuum food container, mostly used for preserving dried foods like nuts, meats, etc.

So in the old times, packages were made in the same way as today but obviously modern vacuum sealers are more evolved in various functions than the basic vacuum sealing machines.

Evolution of Vacuum Sealers

Modern vacuum sealers are evolved versions of basic sealing machines that were invented initially. The first industrial vacuum sealers had come into the market as revolutionary machines that used to help seal and store food on industrial scale. The basic sealers used to utilize large vacuum nozzles and heavy machinery. Industrial level heating bars were used to seal the plastic containers, which were very inefficient and most of the preserved foods were used to spoil before reaching the consumers. Industrial-grade sealers are still available in modern forms to package and store foods for market shelves. Despite the same packaging principles there are many features that differentiate the basic and modern vacuum sealers.

Today’s modern food vacuum sealers have a digital system unlike basic sealers. The gas filling facility is also a new feature in evolved and modern sealers. Not only the basic features of vacuum sealers are evolved but also now there are many varieties and options. Now a user can choose from many options like double vacuum chamber vacuum sealer, automatic belt chamber vacuum sealer, a tabletop sealer, thermoforming vacuum sealer and more.

Not only we have varieties in the kinds of vacuum sealers but also we have now many brands of vacuum sealers, like vacmaster, foodsaver, etc. These brands have many options for home as well as industrial users. Automatic belt vacuum sealer, thermoforming vacuum sealing machines and some other options are complex but are very good for industrial use.

However, simple food vacuum sealers like tabletop sealers and single chamber vacuum sealers are great for home-users. Well, no matter how complex might be the operative nature of modern vacuum sealers, they are mostly automatic and require very less manual operation. So no expertise is required to operate them, anyone who knows how to press few buttons can get the job done!

Yes, the evolution of modern vacuum sealers is amazing.

The Brain behind Improved Technology

The surprisingly cool evolution of modern vacuum sealers from basic ones is all work of improved technology. The inventor of this improved technology is a man named Hans Christian who invented the modern food vacuum sealers in 1984. The double chamber vacuum sealers, belt driven sealing machines and the thermoforming machines are fruits of new technology, which not only offer improved operations and performance but also increased safety for users. The modern designs of vacuum sealers are also offering reduced costs, thus making these machines accessible for home users.

Modern vacuum sealers are truly making it possible for home-users to better preserve and store their leftovers for later use with an experience of high level of ease and efficiency.

This is the evolutionary journey of modern day vacuum sealers from the basic ones. If you keenly observe, you can easily notice the evolution has its roots in the way people want to use sealing machines for their “seal a meal” needs. As the needs of users evolved, there were considerable changes in the mechanical operations of these machines. However, the basic principles and the basic technology always remained the same throughout this evolutionary journey.

The Various Roles of Modern Vacuum Sealers

Modern vacuum sealers are well developed to wear many hats for their users. Modern day compact vacuum sealers are that’s why magical. They have a smaller size to fit in almost any minimalist kitchen and to be used over the kitchen counter in a small space. The ability to manage fresh foods, dried foods and leftovers is versatile and can save you lots of dollars by storing foods in sophisticated plastic bags for over weeks or maybe even months. Yes, magical is the word!

Easy on pocket, convenient in use and way better than canning and other storing or packaging methods, vacuum sealers are rocking the market. “Sous-vide” cooking is also something you can count as the most kinky or very evolutionary use of vacuum sealers. Marinating food products has also improved with the improvements in vacuum sealing technology.

Modern day vacuum sealers are providing you these benefits in reduced costs so that you could enjoy the preserved foods or leftovers for longer periods of time. So if you are willing to explore this market for a sophisticated vacuum sealing machine then consider our foodsaver reviews for best vacuum sealer and don’t forget to catch the foodsaver 2 in 1 deals.

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